I know it's been awhile since my last newsletter. I am going to grad school, along with raising my three beautiful kids, so things have been very busy!

I wanted to share with you the idea my family is using this summer to keep the kids inspired, instead of bored.

We are taking a summer world tour! We bought a huge children's map of the world and put it up on the wall. The kids are taking turns choosing a country each week. We learn about that country all week, do craft projects, watch movies, read stories, learn music, etc. Then we finish the week off with a big dinner, where we enjoy the cuisine offered by the chosen country.

It's been a big hit so far...the kids are having loads of fun!

I'm sure many of you have great things going on this summer too, and we would love to hear about them! Please share your wonderful ideas with us. Go to family fun and fill out the form.

Have a great summer!


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