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Me? Get organized? Yeah, right!

Okay, so we all know the life of a mom can get a little crazy at times-well, most of the time really. We do have moments now and then when we can sit and stare at our sleeping angels and reflect on what a blessing they are to our lives-right before we realize that we have a million more things to do before we can go to bed, right?

It's easy for moms to get overwhelmed by the amount of responsibilities we have. Let's face it-we have a lot resting on our shoulders. Homes, kids, husbands, finances, housework, jobs or home based businesses, extra-curricular activities, volunteer work-the list could go on and on.

How could I possibly get it all organized?

Here's the answer... you get organized one little step at a time.

You're not going to be able to do it all at once, so don't even try. You'll just get discouraged and resign yourself to living in chaos forever.

So just take it slow. Start with the area in your life that causes the most stress. Is it getting out the door on time, laundry, paying the bills, homework, dinner, a cluttered home? Whatever it is for you, tackle that first.

Solo Build It!Choose the tips that will be the fastest and easiest to put into place. We want to see a change now! Once you start seeing how little things can make such a difference, you'll quickly become the Organization Queen of your home!

Our goal is to help you put the nuts and bolts of your life on auto-pilot, so you can have more time to enjoy the blessings of life with much less stress. is a website built by moms for moms. We're all in this together. We want to see you succeed! Please use this site as a resource and a place to connect with other moms. We all have something to offer. Share your own tips and successes with the rest of us as you Get Organized Mom!

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