Get My Family Organized

Are you screaming, "Please help my family get organized!"?

School, chores, sports, meals, extra-curricular activities, church, volunteer work, friends, family events, homework, etc., etc., etc.

It’s no wonder families can’t seem to keep up. Life is busy!

So how do you manage it all without losing your mind?

Don’t worry…we can help!

“But my family won’t help me do this!”

Just like your home organization, take family organization one step at a time. Don’t throw a bunch of new things at your family all at once. Let them get used to one thing before you add in the next step.

“So how do we get started?”

We have our suggestions here, but you should start with the area that causes the most stress in your life. Get that area under control, and then move on to the next. Remember, we want to see results now. So pick something that is going to be quick and easy for you to put into place.

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Family Management Topics

Family Schedules -Time management is so important for your sanity!

Family Routines -This is different from the schedule…and very important!

Family Time -You have to make time for your family. We’ll show you how to make time for each family member individually (your husband too!) and for the whole family together.

Family Meals -From grocery shopping to lunch boxes to Sunday dinner...we'll help you set up a plan that works!

Homework Help Tips -Here are some tips that will save you and your kids time and make school and homework more enjoyable!

Family Chore Charts -When everyone helps out, things go so much smoother (and stay cleaner too!).

Family Calendar -Whether it’s extra-curricular activities, doctor appointments, volunteer work, or anything else your family has committed to doing…we’ll help you juggle it all (or know when it’s okay to drop the ball)!

We know there is a lot here to work on. Take your time. Remember…one thing at a time. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed with this. We’re making your life easier!

Just think, next time someone asks you how you do it all, you can say “ helped me get my family organized!”.

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