The Family Calendar

The family calendar might actually be the single most important component to a well-managed family. If you don’t have one up in your home, you must do this immediately!

Okay, do you have a calendar in hand? Let’s get started…

No more excuses for missed appointments or over-scheduling.

Let’s get this done right now…

You can use any calendar you can find. We’ve all probably got one that came in the mail from some business around the end of last year. If you can’t find that one, print one-just for this month-out from your computer. (You can probably find one on one of your Microsoft Office programs or do a search for printable calendars.)

You can purchase a fancy calendar later, if you want. But don’t wait on that. We need to get started now!

What makes a Family Calendar work?

1. Post it in a central location where everyone can see it.

2. Write down ALL commitments for EVERY family member IMMEDIATELY as soon as you know about them.

3. Use a system to specify which commitments are for which family member. You can use different-colored pens or highlighters for each family member. There are also calendars available that have columns for up to five family members.

4. Check the calendar at least twice a day-In the evening, so you can prepare for the next day, and in the morning, to remind yourself of anything you may have forgotten. And that’s it!

Yes, it is simple. But a calendar will make a huge difference in the way your family operates. You’ll wonder why you ever tried to manage your family without one!

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