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The word "homework" usually evokes feelings of dread for both students and parents. A lot of times, the process of doing homework involves parents yelling at kids to "Get your homework done!", and kids finding anything and everything else they can to do rather than the homework. When they finally do sit down to do it, there is a lot of whining that takes place, and parents are too busy doing other things to sit down with their kids and make sure the homework gets done correctly.

Why not turn homework time into a time of bonding with your child that makes the experience more pleasant for everyone?

Here's a good way...

Have a set time that homework occurs everyday. It could be before dinner, after dinner, before bath-whatever works for your family. Try not to make it as soon as they get home from school. They've been in school all day. They need a break!

Do homework in the same location every day. Make sure it is as free from distractions as possible (not in front of the TV!). A table or desk is best. It gives them room to spread out and work. It also provides a level of comfort because that is the way they are used to working at school.

Take the time to plan for your child's future.Give the kids a five-minute warning that homework time is about to begin (good "timer moment"). Use this time to check out the homework before the kids do. Make sure you have the supplies they will need available before you have the child sit down to begin. It's a good idea to keep a "homework box" that holds common supplies needed for homework.

When it's time to begin, have the child(ren) sit down and explain what they are expected to do. As they do the work, make sure you are available to answer questions. When they are done, check over their work and make sure it's complete. Have them put supplies back in the "homework box" and homework in their backpacks, ready to take back to school.

The key to a pleasant homework experience is an involved parent!

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