Not enough hours in the day!

by Mary-Ann

It has to be said, I often state I don't have enough hours in the day.

So how do I fill my time...

3 kids (aged 8, 4, 1 this year), 2 online businesses, 1 full time job, 1 house to run. Sometimes, I'm lucky to get 8 hours sleep, but its usually between 5 and 6.

The children's routine is one thing, but meddling them all together is a challenge. I have one rule, if I (or anyone in my charge) is supposed to be somewhere or do something, it *must* go in my phone.

This is my secret.

I have alarms set in my phone, as well as a calendar; they help me manage the day. What is ideal, is the calendar sync's to my husband's phone too. He knows our whereabouts, even though he works far away.

I'm able to flex my full-time job around the children's schedule. This helps immensely and allows me to have an active role. The kids can par-take in any after school clubs, as I can pick them up as needed.

It is a juggling act to get everything done; but it does get done. The key is in planning. If you have big jobs to do, like going through the kids clothes, then set aside some time when to do this. Having a routine helps.

On a recent level though, I have been unwell. I realized that there is a lot on my "plate". Living remote from family, I have decided to reach out for some help. This is only a couple of hours a week. But this will take the edge of it all!

So when you see the busy Mom juggling everything, don't judge her. I'm sure she has it all under control. But if she doesn't, be there, with a hug, a coffee, cake and some friendly listening ears! One day it might be you, and I'm sure she'd re-schedule her day for you, I know I would.

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