Easy Bill Paying System
for Moms!

Busy moms need an easy bill paying system that works.

By following this simple system, you’ll be able to keep track of your bills, match them up with your budget, and make sure they get paid on time!

We call our system the “I R A Bill Paying System”.

There are three steps to this simple system. They are broken down by the time frames in which you will handle your bill paying.

I R A Bill Paying System

I mmediately

R egularly

A lways


1. When your bills come in the mail, open them right away. Don’t let them sit in a pile and be forgotten until you get a notice that late fees have been applied.

2. Mark the amount due and the due date on the outside of the envelope.

3. Write the name of the bill on the date that it is due on your family calendar. Highlight all your bills with the same color each month.

4. Place the bill in your bill paying folder. To make a bill paying folder, purchase an accordion-style folder that has dividers. In one section, place your bills in order of due dates. In the other sections, place items that are needed for bill paying-stamps, checkbook, envelopes, address labels, etc. This folder will keep everything you need for bill paying in one place to make paying your bills a breeze!


1. Set aside one day to pay bills each week. Although you might not get paid every week, it’s a good idea to sit down and look at your bills, budget, and checkbook at least once a week.

2. During this time, pay all bills that are due before your next paycheck, check your bank account online, check your wallet for receipts, and make sure your checkbook balances.


1. After you pay a bill, write your payment information on the statement. Include date paid, payment method (check #, online bill pay), and any confirmation or reference numbers given (for online bill pay).

2. File your statements and receipts. You need to have either a filing cabinet or a file box. Set up a filing system that will make tax time easier for you. Having everything at your fingertips will make things go much more smoothly.

3. If you’re paying bills with checks, rather than online bill pay, don’t forget to mail them!

The “IRA Bill Paying System” is easy to remember and use. When you use it correctly, you will never be charged another late fee or overdraft fee, and tax time will be much less stressful.

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