An Organized Family Room

The family room is a place of comfort and togetherness. It’s a place where the whole family can relax and just be themselves. Because it gets used so much, it’s easy for it to become cluttered with toys, homework, shoes, video games, movies, newspapers, etc.

Thankfully, this type of clutter will only require a quick pick-up to get things back in order. If you do this everyday, you can easily keep it under control!

Organizing your family room will probably not take as long as some of the other organization tasks you’ve taken on lately. Most of us don’t tend to store as much stuff there because it’s a place that guests are sure to see. Every home is different, though, so take this advice to the level you need for your home.

First things first…(You know what’s coming, don’t you?). That’s right-Clean and Purge! Get rid of all the things you don’t need or use. Declutter and simplify!

Now…on to the organizing!

Family Room Organization Tips

1. Do a quick pick-up everyday-We’ve already mentioned this, but we think it’s important enough to talk about again. This is the best way to keep your clutter under control. It’s much easier to pick up a little everyday, than to wait until the mess is too overwhelming!

2. Use a storage basket for magazines and newspapers-Rather than having these items stacked on the floor or piled on the coffee table, put them in a decorative basket. Don’t forget to go through them first and recycle the magazines and newspapers you don’t need anymore.

3. Utilize storage space you already have-Do you have an entertainment center with shelves or drawers? Built-ins? Storage ottoman? End tables? Make the most of these items you already have!

Use baskets on open shelving to keep things looking nice. You can keep all kinds of things in these baskets, and they will never be seen (as long as things get put back where they go!). Here are some ideas-craft supplies, family games, toys, and video game accessories. Use them for anything that is small enough to fit and would look like clutter if it was left out.

Store bigger items in drawers or behind cabinet doors. Books, movies, video games, and CDs can be stored on open shelves or you can purchase storage products that are made for holding these types of items.

Storage ottomans, big drawers, and cabinets with doors are all great places to keep folded blankets that we all need to cuddle up with and watch a movie.

4. Categorize your collections by genre-Don’t waste your time alphabetizing your movies, CDs, and video games. It takes too long and they won’t stay that way anyway! Instead, organize them by genre. Put all the kid-friendly movies in one area, dramas in another, comedy, suspense, etc. Same with music-jazz, country, rock, etc. And for video games-sports, racing, adventure, and so on. If you’re really into this, you can even label your shelves, so everyone knows where to put things back!

5. Keep accessories to a minimum-You don’t have to show off every knick-knack you own all the time. Just pick a few of your favorites to put out. Then you can rotate them every season. Same with pictures. Too much decoration can make a room cluttered too!


You have a fully-functional, organized, clean family room!

Don’t forget…Your family is learning. Teach them with love and patience!

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