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Now that you’ve moved everything you’ve purged from the house into the garage…Let’s learn how to organize your garage storage space in a way that is functional and clean! Shop Garage Organizers Those of you who are lucky enough to have a garage have a whole other storage space available to you. Why not make the most of it?!

You’re probably going to need the better part of a day for this task, so make sure your calendar is clear. Nice weather helps too! You want to be able to open up that garage door and use the driveway as you clean and organize your garage. Your neighbors might think you are having a yard sale-maybe you can sell a few things!

Let’s get the whole family involved too…this is going to be a big job!

Are you ready? Let’s get started!

Garage Storage Tips

1. Take a good look-Look at your garage and make note of what kind of storage you may need. Cabinets, shelving, overhead storage, wall hooks, storage bins, etc.

2. Go Shopping-The home improvement stores can provide you with any type of storage you may need for your garage. Prioritize the items you need and purchase them as your budget will allow.

3. Clean and Purge-You knew it was coming…no whining! Start by moving everything out of the garage. Yes…everything! You can get a head start on your organizing by sorting as you move things out. Have an area for trash, one for keep, and one for donate or sell. If you’re not sure about an item yet, put it in the keep pile. You can sort through it again as you load things back into the garage.

Once you have everything out, do any necessary cleaning.

4. Install new storage components-If you’ve purchased any new storage components, install them while the garage is empty. Once you fill up the storage options you have, you’ll have a better idea as to whether you will need any additional products.

5. Load In!-As you move your keep pile back into the garage, do it in a very organized manner. We know you’re already tired, but this is why you started this job in the first place-to have an organized garage storage space. Don’t give up now!

Start with the items that are not used much, such as seasonal items. If they are small, place them in clear storage bins and label the bins. If possible, use overhead storage for these items. Take advantage of every space you can!

Next, load in the items that will be stored in cabinets or on shelves. Again, use clear, labeled storage bins. This will help your items to stay clean and your garage to look neat.

Make sure to store dangerous items out of the reach of children, and preferably in a locked cabinet.

Now bring in the items that are to be hung on the walls. Use every bit of wall space available to you. Hang garden tools, bikes, sports equipment, water hoses, wheelbarrows, ladders, weed eaters, snow blowers and anything else you can make hang.

Big items are next-lawn mowers and garbage cans. Park lawn mowers under a shelf or workbench, if possible. You won’t be using that floor space for walking anyway, so don’t take up additional floor space for your lawn mower. Place garbage cans in an area that is convenient, but out of the way.

Finally, bring in the car! You should have room for it now!

6. Take care of the piles in your driveway-If you don’t do this now, they’ll just end up back in your garage! Make a trip to the dumpster and your local charity. Stop by the ice cream store on your way back home and reward yourself for a long, hard, but very rewarding day! By now, your whole house is clean and organized! How does that feel?! Pretty amazing, isn’t it? Now for the job of maintaining it…don’t let it get out of control again!

Congratulations! You’ve done a fantastic job! We’re so proud of you!

Now…let’s tackle those finances !

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