Home Office Organization

Good home office organization will simplify those overwhelming tasks that we all must do-bill paying, budgets, taxes, and a million other things! We'll help you get your home office in order at last! Whether you have an entire room set aside as a home office or you must incorporate your home office into another area of your home, there are simple solutions you can use to maximize space and minimize clutter.

Home Office Organization Tips

1. Use a computer armoire-This is especially helpful if you don’t have a designated room just for a home office. There are all types of computer armoires available, in many different sizes and price ranges. These are great because you can hide all of your office equipment, paperwork, and supplies behind closed doors. Many have a lock on the doors as well-keeping little hands from accidentally breaking equipment or doing artwork on your important papers!

2. You must have a filing system-Whether it’s a filing folder, a filing box, a filing drawer, or a filing cabinet…you must have a place to file all of that paperwork, so it doesn’t become a huge pile on your desk or the floor. Those types of piles result in nothing but headaches and trouble. Shop Office SuppliesHow many hours have you wasted in your lifetime sorting through piles of paperwork to find something you needed? Have you ever been charged a late fee on a bill because it was lost somewhere in that mess and you forgot to pay it?

Simply taking a few seconds to file your paperwork after you’ve paid your bills or gone through your mail will save you so much time and energy! Check out the “I R A Bill Paying System” for more great tips.

At the end of each year, transfer the paperwork from your filing cabinet to a box for storage. Label the box with the year, and put it in storage. Make sure you keep it handy until you finish your taxes for that year!

3. Have a message board at eye-level-It’s good to have a message board in your home office area where you can post important items or write down reminders. If you have something you need to take care of, post it on the message board. That way, it’s right in front of you when you sit down, and it won’t get lost under something else on the desk.

4. Have an “in-box” and “out-box”-If you don’t have time to take care of the mail right away, you can put it in the “in-box” until you can get to it. Don’t let it sit there too long, though-try to take care of it within 24 hours. Otherwise, you’ll end up with one of those big piles we want to avoid. “Out-boxes” are great for things like bills that need to be mailed, signed papers that need to go back to school, etc. Don’t let these items sit there too long either. Most of them will have deadlines.

5. Use desk organization products-Visit your local office supply store to see what kind of desk organization products they have that will work well in your office space. Many of these items are very handy to have, and will make a big difference in keeping things organized. Don’t go overboard-the inexpensive ones work just as well as the expensive ones!

6. Use clear storage containers for office supplies-Keep extra office supplies in clear bins that are labeled. If you don’t have enough space in your office area, store the bins on shelves or in a closet. These home office organization tips will be enough to get the typical home office in great shape. If you work from home, you will most likely have more home office organization challenges to tackle.

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For more great home office tips, visit home-office-ideas.com.

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